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Word Masala Champion of the Diaspora Poetry Award

We are very proud to be associated with the quality literary journal PN Review. If not just for the diaspora poetry, the journal still deserves an award for being the trailblazer and innovative in its approach to varying contents it presents every issue. The archive feature in itself is worth for the readers to sense a pointer in the history of trends in relation to the past articles and poems published. If it captures the current events developing and affecting literature, it also delves into some serious literary criticisms and discussions. However, Word Masala, as shown below in a review of one its recent issues, is keen on its objectives to discover the space for the diaspora poets on the pages of such extraordinary magazines. PN Review champions equitable diversity.

As soon as I opened the latest issue of PN review, I couldn’t put it down. The editorial, quite rightly, discusses the need for a revival of the Net Book Agreement. If a very robust argument from Michael Schmidt, its editor, does not convince you, nothing will. From the viewpoint of the diaspora, I was very pleased to find Sujata Bhatt and Sumita Chakraborty’s poems. Vahni Capildeo explains how she judges prizes as she recently judged the Ledbury Forte Poetry Prize won by Sandeep Parmar. The issue also brought memories for me of James Berry whom I first met with the late Norman Hidden. For those looking to learn the craft, Beginning with End, an essay on prosody, by Chris McCully is a must read. There is also Simon Armitage experimenting with his craft on its pages. Frankly, the literary feast here is so appetising and colourful that it will keep you busy for two months before the next issue. I very strongly recommend you to subscribe to this magazine.  

- Yogesh Patel

For four decades, PN Review has been a place to discover new poems in English and in translation as well as interviews, news, essays, reviews and reports from around the world. Subscribers can explore the complete, uniquely rich digital archive. Now subscribers have a chance to enter its poetry competition free!

Submissions to PN Review: Current subscribers may submit work by e-mail (word attachment). All other submissions should be made by post to: The Editors, PN Review, 4th Floor, Alliance House, 30 Cross Street, Manchester M2 7AQ, UK. Submissions should be accompanied by a self-addressed return envelope and should generally not exceed four poems/five pages.

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