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Publishers for the Diaspora writers and poets Skylark Publications UK A Non-Profit Foundation

Our event at the House of Lords packed with readings, projects, awards and book launches was a great success.

From left:Bobby Nayyar, Usha Akella, Divya Mathur, Zata Banks, Baroness Prashar, Lord Parekh, Yogesh Patel (introducing Word Masala Foundation), Debjani Chatterjee, Priya Patel, Daljit Nagra, Shanta Acharya, Reginal Massey, Usha Kishore and Emma Wright

Poets who also attended and can’t be seen in this limited long shot are

The late Meena Alexander, Kavita A Jindal and Sid Bose

Publishers who also attended and can’t be seen in this limited long shot are

Jane Commane, Jamie and Laura McGarry, Dr Todd Swift, Angela Jarman, C B Patel

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Mona Dash’s A Certain Way

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A journal of contemporary international poetry

since 1969

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Skylark was launched in 1969 in India as a quarterly on the contemporary literature in translation by the late Baldev Mirza and Yogesh Patel as its editors. After 100 printed issues and a few books, it completed its journey. Reinvented, its independent journey began in England as the publishers with plans to help diasporic writing and expat literature.


It is currently promoting South-Asian poets and writers through various channels, including Word Masala books, events, awards and ezine. In 2015, it has started honouring very important poets of the Diaspora dedicating once a month an ezine to one of the ranks as a Poet-of-the-Month. The ezine is extremely successful in achieving many objectives. Please find out more here.  

Word Masala, a non-profit Foundation has Lord Bhikhu Parekh, Lord Dholakia, as its patrons and Dr Debjani Chatterjee MBE as a Consultant Edior. It aims to promote the Diasporic writers and poets through various channels.

We have started honouring South-Asian poets each month through our ezine, highlighting their representative poem, and their bio. Every month  the ezine is packed with  very useful information on markets and submissions open. Find out what else we offer by clicking here.

Current requirements can be found here.

Please join our group to help each other. Write a review on a book by the other members. Then ask us to submit it to the selected magazines for you if you cannot.



The first British-Indian poet in this series is MONA DASH a fresh emerging voice with one collection already under her belt in India.

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Reception at the Palace

Yogesh Patel MBE with The Queen representing poetry and the Word Masala Foundation. The breadth of our work across is internationally recognised. The invitation at the Buckingham Palace was for the launch of UK-India Year of Culture 2017.

In The Queens New Year Honours List 2020 Yogesh Patel has been awarded

Member of the Order of the British Empire  MBE

for services to literature.

© The Buckingham Palace

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Swimming with Whales

Word Masala Foundation and Skylark are

Non-Profit Social Enterprises.

Our projects are initiated internally.

Director, Publisher & Editor

Yogesh Patel MBE


Lord Bhikhu Parekh

Lord Dholakia

A special friend of the foundation

Baroness Prashar


Cyril Dabydeen, Debjani Chatterjee

Pramila Venkateswaran

 Yogesh Patel, Saleem Peeradina

Lord Parekh & Lord Dholakia


Reshma Ruia wins the Word Masala Debut Poet 2019 Award

For her collection of poems

A Dinner Party in the Home Counties

Please click here to access the press release >>>>>

Launched at the Poetry Cafe, The Poetry Society UK ,on  09-12-2019 in Presence of poets

Rishi Dastidar, Mimi Khalvati, Reshma, Yogesh Patel MBE, and Todd Swift

Reshma Ruia is the author of two novels, Something Black in the Lentil Soup and A Mouthful of Silence, shortlisted for the SI Leeds Literary prize. Her short stories and poetry have appeared in British and international publications and commissioned for radio. She is the co-founder of The Whole Kahani-a writers’ collective. Reshma receive  the Word Masala Debut Poet 2019 Award fin August at the Nehru Centre.

You will be pleased with discovering award-winning poet Reshma Ruia. Her voice is intimate and confident. Her poetry shines bright. Reshma lures the reader into her world through a vivid imagination. From the empty bed of an accountant to the code of 1947, Reshma’s skill is in how she paints pictures with words, which become whole landscapes and scenes in one’s imagination.

I feel I am reading someone whom everyone will be reading in future. Read her now! 

Lemn Sissay MBE

Please see the link below to order the book

You will be supporting our  NON-PROFIT project

A Dinner Party in the Home Counties now. ISBN 978-0-9560840-6-4

ONLY £9.99                                                                  


A new collection by Reshma Ruia

Word Masala Foundation

The foundation promotes South-Asian diaspora poets and writers by awarding them for their excellence in poetry. Instead of a monetary prize, it helps by working as a noncommercial agent for them, helping with the reviews, highlighting their work through its publications and magazines, organising readings and programmes, and placing articles and interviews where possible. The foundation is a non-commercial thrust and believes very strongly in working with our Western counterparts. It recognises all good work they do as struggling small and large presses. For that, it awards them with a recognition plaque highlighting their efforts in diversity. We work to help them for the books by South-Asian diaspora poets and writers.

You can also help by joining our growing list of subscribers and by buying books by our award-winning poets and writers.


Yogesh Patel


Lord Parekh

Lord Dholakia

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