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Saleem Peeradina

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Debjani Chatterjee

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Usha Kishore

Meena Alexander

A Certain Way by Mona Dash

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Mona Dash’s A Certain Way

A British debut collection

by a fresh emerging voice from the fringe

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A Certain Way by Mona Dash

This Skyalrk anthology celebrates the spirit of Diwali and Christmas, as well as the success of Word Masala Award winners of 2015. This collection also pays tribute to victims of Paris massacre.

By buying this anthology, you are also supporting the not-for-profit Foundation as well as South-Asian diaspora writers and poets.

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Swimming with Whales

Yogesh Patel is Jonah, Ishmael, Queequeg and Moby Dick himself: he knows what is owed to whales, how mighty and how vulnerable they are, and what we owe them by way of nourishment and light. His whales are enormous symbols swimming all the seas of the world and defining us as they go.

Michael Schmidt OBE FRSL

Shanta Acharya

Swimming with Whales: Whales as never before

Kavita A. Jindal

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At NYU 2019

Salman Rushdie Holding

 Swimming with Whales


the Poet-of-Honor

Yogesh Patel



Order your copy of A Dinner Party in the Home Counties now

ISBN 978-0-9560840-6-4


ONLY £9.99

It is highly unusual, and therefore incredibly exciting, to read post-colonial poetry that can best be described as quirky, even playful. In this strange, provocative and often powerful collection, form, content and style create difference and otherness; they don’t just explore it thematically. Every time you think you’re reading yet another poem about identity or the shape of current Britain, you realise you’re simultaneously in the presence of a witty, clever and original writing-mind. I found myself wanting to simply say, despite the humour, important messages, and striking imagery, I really like this – because it’s the exact opposite of whatever stale, obvious, is.

Todd Swift

You will be pleased with discovering award-winning poet Reshma Ruia. Her voice is intimate and confident. Her poetry shines bright. Reshma lures the reader into her world through a vivid imagination. From the empty bed of an accountant to the code of 1947, Reshma’s skill is in how she paints pictures with words, which become whole landscapes and scenes in one’s imagination. I feel I am reading someone whom everyone will be reading in future. Read her now! 

Lemn Sissay MBE


Reshma Ruia has an enviable knack of finding the telling detail in the scenes she so vividly portrays: the overheard fragment of conversation, the image creeping into the eyeline, the    interaction that lasts a moment and yet a lifetime too. In deceptively simple language, Ruia’s poems remind us how often we are strangers to others – and ourselves as well.

Rishi Dastidar

Foreword by Dr Debjani Chatterjee MBE FRSL

A Dinner Party in the Home Counties by Reshma Ruia

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A new collection by Reshma Ruia