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Dr Debjani Chatterjee, MBE reads her most popular poem, ‘Animal Regalia’

Mona Dash reads her poem, ‘Creator’

Shanta Acharya: "Fever in Diwali"  From her CD, Somewhere, Something: Shanta Acharya Reading a Selection of her Poems.Foundation supported by Sama Arts Network.

Our current list of poetry readings

The Audio Library/Archive

Our aim is to provide you one stop Internet archive from where you can access an audio file by our diaspora poets.

Poetry read aloud, especially in poet’s own voice carries sometimes a special meaning, just because how they are meant to be read as per poet’s accentuation and intonation, while may end up reading it entirely differently. Neither of the ‘live’ moments will be wrong. But, indeed, it adds a new layer to poems meaning.

We are asking all published and appraised diaspora poets to send us a reading of their most momentous work.

Ultimately, the archive will be transferred to a larger institution of repute for the work to continue for your research and joy.

Because of the nature of it, poets will be releasing their digital right for the poem to this end only. You will still hold the full copyright. And if necessary, withdraw it or replace it with more important work.

We will require only one poem read by you in a wave format, which you can easily record on your computer or a smart phone. If your recording is in any other format, you will need to convert it to wave format with any free programs available from the Internet search.

Please chose a short work, as listeners don’t hold much patience with so many media competing for their time.

This is not restricted to our award winners only, so please send the audio with your bio. Due to the lack of funding, we are sorry to say that we are very slow in response. But the submissions are not ignored.

Please do not copy, download, distribute or use in any form any of these copyright protected files without poet’s permission. Always respect their copyright. Thanks.

Links to videos from Word Masala Foundation’s event at the House of Lords. It was packed with various award presentations, book launches, poetry readings and project announcements.

Zata Banks Receiving Word Masala Accolade

Keynote Speaker

Zata Banks delivering her keynote speech

Publishers Awards

Todd Swift for Eyewear Publishing

Angela Jarman for Arc Publications

Emma Wright for Emma Press

Daljit Nagra and Emma Cheshire for Faber and Faber

Bobby Nayyar for Limehouse Books

Jane Cummane for Nine Arches Press

Jamie McGarry for Valley Press

Awards to Poets

Shanta Acharya

Usha Akella

Sid Bose

Kavita A. Jindal

Bobby Nayyar

Daljit Nagra

Saleem Peeradina

Baroness Prashar, Lord Parekh and Poet Yogesh Patel,

Founder Director of Word Masala Foundation

Please click on the individual links on the left to explore award presentations and poetry readings.

Poets and publishers will help us more by linking up this web page to their website.

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Unfortunately, due to unforeseen technical faults, we are not able to offer the videos of our three other most important Word Masala Award winners:

  Meena Alexander                  Usha Kishore        Reginald Massey        Dr Debjani Chatterjee

Word Masala Crowdfunding Award

Mona Dash

Click here to rlisten to Mona reading from her forthcoming book,

A Certain Way

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Dr Tod Swift receives the ‘Champion of the South-Asian Diaspora Poetry’ award from Baroness Prashar, Lord Parekh and Poet Yogesh Patel.

To crown the show, he announced a contract to publish Usha Kishore’s forthcoming collection by his Eyewear Publishing.